Digital is here,and everyone is embracing digital technology in the hope of addressing all their personal and professional digital needs and demands.

Going digital can be both frustrating and complex.

Whether it be switching from your current telecoms/tv provider,multiple device management ,setting up a wireless network,securing your business,data migration,GDPR regulations,buying a tv or a new computer, mobile device/mobile service and home technology.

DMS provides you with :


  • Fast and efficient deployment of digital services,products and know how.

  • ADE - Apple Device Enrolment:  DEP  and VPP

  • Help and Assistance with MDM ( Mobile Device Management)..

  • Training in latest software and hardware. Both Mac's and iOS.

  • Help with 3rd party bespoke software.

  • Up-to-date,cutting edge,ideas and knowledge on Digital Marketing.

  • Quickly create personal and E-commerce web sites, like this one

Helping you get a better handle on technology; incorporating digital into your business,seemlessly and expediently.

The "digital landscape," is changing daily!Technology invention,creativity and services are growing exponentially.

So, I will be updating and refining this site on a weekly basis to keep up with what's new and noteworthy in technology.

Best of all,these new digital software services and tools are making huge inroads in helping people run their businesses more cost effectively and with a greater degree of synergy and flow. They will help you, and your business in so many areas, and in so many different ways.

My job is to help you navigate the bewildering amount of information and systems that are out there.Getting you the best deal and service which will in turn help improve overall workflow and production.Whether it be in business,or in  your personal daily, digital life.

C.J   -




  Just some of the areas covered.

  • Digital Marketing and Digital Analytics.
  • Cloud storage,hybrid, and backup strategies.
  • GDPR & security: risk manage your devices.
  • Application development and rollout.
  • Consumer and Business broadband.
  • Mobile device management and BYOD.
  • Apple iPay - The future of payments /sales.
  • Wireless Networking and deployment.
  • Remote viewing on iPad and iPhones.
  • Social Media.Business in a social context.
  • Voice,data and mobile communications.
  • Integrating video and audio into sales.
  • PC to Mac Conversions. Make that move, easily.
  • Working with Windows and Apple Macs, together.
  • Web site creation and Ecommerce.
  • Future proofing and content creation.


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