Q: What is your hourly /daily rate, and how can I pay you for your services and advice?

A: That depends on the nature and time requirments  of the job. An immediate quote can be assessed and sent same day.My prices are very competitive and all my work and engagement is time and context itemised.  

Card or cash.

Q: What is the best way to get in touch with you?

A: Just use the following contact details to send me off a quick email,or call me.

Email - cmac2020@mac.com

Or, text me on my mobile. The number is  -  

 (+44) (0) 7720774902

I'm also on Skype - cjmceleavy

and FaceTime  - cmac2020

Q: What other areas do you cover?

A: I provide deep and extremely practical iPad and iPhone training, for both business and education.

I worked at Apple for a number of years and on Apple systems for over 20 years. I also work on PCs and Windows,System Networks and other media such as television broadcasting and audio visual production.

Prior to working in computers I worked in the TV industry at Sky and the BBC.

Today,consumer digital products and services are my main areas of expertise and employment. Going digital can be complex. Whether it be switching from BT, setting up a wireless network, securing your business, buying a tv or a new computer, mobile device  / mobile service, etc,. It all needs researching and time, to make the right choices.

I help to make the transition for you as smooth and easy as possible, with the emphasis on value for money - VFM.

Q: Where can I find out about  your Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad training?

A: You can find out more details about all  my training and what it consists of at this web address...just click the following link below.

iPad and iPhone training web site.